by Kim Fransman

New simple flow for golf league management

After letting some very helpful people test out Simple Golftour for a couple of weeks we got some feedback and many requests for new features. We always want to make our users happy, but we don't want to leave our mantra of a simple golf tour for friends. We did begin this venture after being frightened away by all the not so simple "golf league software", so every decision is taken with that in mind.

The biggest changes:

  1. We totally got rid of the demand to record scores for every hole. Also the registering of puts where cool, but never used, so we scrapped that as well.
  2. You now can enter how many points the place in each event is worth, so you can say that 1:st place is 10p and 2nd place is 3p and all other after that is worth nothing, for example.
  3. We also added the possibility to choose how many events counts in the players total points.
    - Apparently some leagues have problems with people being able to attend every time, who knew?
  4. Completely removed the need for handicaps, all countries and even areas within the countries have their own system, so this is something you decide outside Simple Golftour, you just enter the scores you want counted, either with handicap or without.
  5. Finally, the biggest request was something we already had thought of but were unsure if other people also wanted: The possibility to play different types of events within the same league.

The "new" flow is now:

  1. A Tour is created
    - a much more fun name for the more regularly used League.
  2. The Tour owner (or one of its admins) creates Events, and chooses between Stableford, Strokeplay, Scramble, Nassau
    - or any other fun game type.
  3. When the event is finished, maybe during the visit at the 19th hole, you enter the scores for all the attendees in a simple form, that works like a charm on mobile devices by the way.
  4. All the attending players get notified via email about the scores and how they did, and the tour's leaderboard is updated.

PS We are closing in on our initial launch, so please leave your email at, and if you have any tips, questions or just want to tell me I'm stupid, drop me a line at [email protected]

Happy Birdie-hunting,