by Kim Fransman

How the idea of Simple Golftour was born

Competing with friends in golf, and keeping track of your progress should not be so complicated, I want to make it simple.


Me and a couple of my friends, who plays golf on a pretty regular basis got tired of keeping track of our golfleague in excel so I started looking around the web for a good software, app or other solution to our problem. After a couple of hours of googling, looking at videos with titles like Super easy league managment I was broken, despaired and sad.

All we wanted was a way too keep track of who was gonna buy dinner at the end of the season, not set up flights, wrestle with scheduling, pairing, brackets or handicapping. All the solutions I found had way too much features and were completely bloated with stuff like message boards and emailing features you never use. They also made the presumption that all the leagues members could play at the same time. I guess they don't have children!

Where are we now?

In the beginning of last season I started building what is now Simple Golftour for my group of friends. So far it has served our needs perfectly and this is what it looks like:


Leaderboard and my profile page

If you want to browse around, and look at how bad my golfgame really is, I made the page for our tour Tisdagsgolfen public. It is in swedish, but I think you will get the gist.

How it works

  1. You create or join a tour
  2. When you play a round of golf, just enter your scores, either via sms, email or directly on the website
  3. All the members of your tours will get a notification about your round, the leaderboard(s) will be updated and you hopefully get braggingrights. Atleast until someone else takes over the top spot.

If you want to get notifications on how the work is going, please leave your email at, and if you have any tips, questions or just want to tell me I'm stupid, drop me a line at [email protected]

Happy Golfing,